4th Meeting of the CAREC Regional Trade Group

The 4th RTG Meeting will: (i) review the progress of implementation of CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda (CITA 2030) and Rolling Strategic Action Plan (RSAP) 2021-2023; (ii) discuss the outcomes of the webinars and conference at the sidelines of the RTG and CCC meetings; and (iii) agree on trade sector deliverables for reporting to the 20th Ministerial Conference through the National Focal Points’ Meeting.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ

List of Participants

CAREC Trade Sector Progress Report and Workplan (June 2020 – September 2021) | РУССКИЙ

CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda (CITA) 2030 Rolling Strategic Action Plan 2021-2023 | РУССКИЙ


CITA 2030 and RSAP 2021-2023: Progress of Implementation and Next Steps | РУССКИЙ

Capacity Building on Free Trade Agreement | РУССКИЙ

Study on Technical Regulations and Standards | РУССКИЙ

Multimodal Data Exchange Harmonization | РУССКИЙ