Empowering Innovation and Collaboration: CAREC Regional Startup Boot Camp Kicks Off in Astana

The CAREC Regional Startup Boot Camp officially began on August 21 at Astana Hub, marking the start of an inspiring ten-day journey. Themed “Inspiring Innovation, Transforming Communities,” this event brings together startups from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan, fostering cross-border collaboration.

The CAREC region holds immense promise for innovation and entrepreneurship, as evidenced by the burgeoning startup ecosystem. To address the challenges that startups often face in scaling their ventures, the CAREC Regional Startup Boot Camp has been designed to provide hands-on training, networking opportunities, and exposure to key resources.

Collaboratively organized with incubation centers Astana Hub, Kazakhstan; IT Park in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Next Step Innovation Center from Azerbaijan, this boot camp will be hosted for 3 days by each partner. Through workshops on market analysis, customer development, legal considerations, fundraising strategies, and more, participants will acquire comprehensive insights. Immersive site visits to innovation hubs, accelerators, and investor networks will further enrich their experience. The boot camp places significant emphasis on pitch sessions and mentorship, allowing participants to refine their pitching skills and gain valuable feedback.

This program is supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through the e-Korea Knowledge Fund, exemplifying a commitment to catalyzing positive change through innovation.