Consultation Meeting on Regional Transport Sector Strategy in Central Asia


The objectives of the meeting were to (i) present an overall view of the reassessment study and conceptual outline of the draft strategy including the scope and general direction, and (ii) seek the inputs from the governments.

Target Participants

Target participants were members of transport sector coordinating committee under the institutional framework of ADB’s regional economic cooperation program. Turkmenistan was invited as an observer. On ADB side, staff from headquarters and consultants were expected to attend.

SCC Representatives for Transport

Mr. Fan Zhenyu
Senior Engineer and Project Officer (PRC)
Comprehensive Planning Department
Ministry of Communications
Tel No. +86 10 65292204
Fax No. +86 10 65292201

Mr. Kamalkhan Sakipov
Director (KAZ)
Department for Transit Policy and International Relations
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Tel No. +7 3172 324140
Fax No. +7 3172 321058

Mr. Kubanychbek Mamaev
First Deputy Minister (KGZ)
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Tel No. +996 312 611176
Fax No. +996 312 664781

Mr. J. Sereeter
Director General (MON)
Road, Transportation, Information, Communication and Tourism’s Policy and Coordination Department
Ministry of Infrastructure
Tel No. 329116
Fax No. 310612

Mr. Abdurakhim Ashurov
First Deputy Minister (TAJ)
Ministry of Transport
Tel No. +992 372 212127
Fax No. +992 372 212003

Mr. Anvar Urunov
Lead Expert (UZB)
Division for Economic Cooperation with CIS Countries
Department for External Economic Relations and Foreign Investments
Cabinet of Ministers
Tel No. +998 71 1398408
Fax No. +998 71 1398222/13988256

Mr. Abid Sharifov
First Deputy Prime Minister (AZE)
Cabinet of Ministers
Tel No. +994 12 928426
Fax No. +994 12 985381

Event Materials

Key Documents