National Focal Point Meeting on CAREC Program

The objectives of the meeting were to (i) report on the progress made since the First Ministerial Conference on CAREC in March 2002, and on future work plan for which guidance from the national focal points (NFPs) will be sought; and (ii) consultation with the government on the preparation of ADB’s Regional Strategy and Program for Central Asia in 2003.

The meeting was attended by ADB representatives and national focal points of the CAREC Program. The following NFPs were invited:

National Focal Points

Mde. Zou Jiayi, Deputy Director General (PRC)
International Department, Ministry of Finance
Tel No. 86-10-68551122
Fax No. 86-10-68551131

Mr. Leonid Ivanov, Vice Minister (KAZ)
Ministry of Finance
Tel No. (7-3172) 117791
Fax No. (7-3172) 117762/117781

Mr. Emirlan Toromyrzaev, First Deputy Minister (KGZ)
Ministry of Finance
Tel No. (996-312) 662026 (direct), 664036 (secretary)
Fax No. (996-312) 661645

Mr. Khosbayar Amarsaikhan, Director General (MON)
Economic Cooperation Management and Coordination Department
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Fax No. (976-11) 329272

Mr. Negmatjon Buriev, Head (TAJ)
Economic Reforms and Foreign Investments Department, President’s Office
Fax No. (992-372) 213446

Mr. Nariman Mannapbekov, Minister/Head (UZB)
Department for External Economic Relations and Foreign Investments
Cabinet of Ministers
Tel No. 998-71-1398424
Fax No. 998-71-1398222/1398144