CAREC Innovation Network Members' Workshop on Ecosystem Framework and Introduction to the Ecosystem Map

On 16th November, the CAREC Secretariat organized a workshop on “Understanding Startup Ecosystems”. The virtual meeting brought together more than 30 participants (including accelerators, and incubators) from seven CAREC member countries. The objective of this workshop was to highlight the value that Ecosystem builders create and add for the startups to grow. The session also reviewed the CAREC Startup Map in order to further improve its utility for the ecosystem stakeholders in the CAREC region. 

The CAREC Innovation Network works with Ecosystem builders (Like incubators, accelerators & innovation centers) across the CAREC region. It organizes capacity-building workshops and networking events to develop the regional startup ecosystem through collaboration as part of the implementation of CAREC Digital Strategy 2030.

Key Documents


Presentation – Understanding Startup Ecosystems

Session Recording