CAREC Chai 3: "Understanding the Drivers of Poverty in Afghanistan"

Jointly Organized by:

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute

Asian Development Bank

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The CAREC Institute, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, will host a third CAREC Chai event on 7 June 2022, at 15:00 Beijing time, to discuss the main drivers of poverty in Afghanistan over the last two decades and potential interventions for poverty alleviation in Afghanistan today.

Afghanistan has always been a strategically significant location throughout history, and as a transit and transport hub, it is well-positioned to link the markets of South Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and China.

However, the persistence of conflict in Afghanistan over the last decades has had a profound impact on its economic development and governance quality.  At present, the ongoing political uncertainty and economic instability in Afghanistan, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, are causing food security and poverty issues to worsen.

In this regard, experts from the Afghan Biruni Institute, UNDP, the ADB, the CAREC Institute, and partner organizations will convene to discuss the primary drivers of poverty in Afghanistan during the last two decades and share their thoughts and perspectives on current measures and potential interventions for poverty alleviation in Afghanistan.



7th June 2022 (Beijing time)

14:50-15:00                Virtual Connection to the Webinar and Speakers’ Group Photo

15:00-15:15                Opening Remarks

Syed Shakeel Shah, Director, CAREC Institute

Lyaziza Sabyrova, Director, Regional Cooperation and Operations Coordination Division (CWRC), ADB

15:15-15:20                Introduction of the Speakers by the Moderator

Eisa Khan Ayoob Ayoobi, Chief of Capacity Building Division, CAREC Institute

15:20-15:50                Keynote Presentation

                                    Understanding the Drivers of Poverty in Afghanistan

                                    Omar Joya, Executive Director, BIRUNI Institute

Saurabh Shome, Founder, Comparative Policy Design Consulting Company

15:50-16:15                Discussion Among Panelists

                                    Abdallah Al-Dardari, United Nations Development Program’s Resident Representative in Kabul, Afghanistan

Artur Andrysiak, Deputy Country Director, Afghanistan Resident Mission, Central and West Asia Department, ADB

Hans Holzhacker, Chief Economist, CAREC Institute

16:15-16:25                Q&A and Discussion: moderator will pick up questions from the audience and engage in discussion with panelists

16:25-16:30                Concluding Remarks by the Moderator



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