CAREC Award for Advancing Gender Equality Awards Ceremony


Eleven distinguished organizations and individuals from ten member countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program were recognized as exemplary Gender Champions during the prestigious CAREC Award for Advancing Gender Equality Awards Ceremony held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 29 November 2023, at the sidelines of the CAREC Ministerial Conference.

In her keynote address, Ms. Rachel Thompson, Executive Director at ADB, underscored the pivotal role of harnessing women’s immense potential and skills as a driving force for meaningful economic growth in the CAREC region. This prestigious ceremony honored the remarkable achievements of these Gender Champions and underscored the critical importance of advancing gender equality for the collective development of the CAREC community.

The recipients of this esteemed award are:

  1. Gender Hub Azerbaijan, acknowledged for their outstanding contributions in advocating for women’s rights, policy dialogues, and capacity building programs for women in Azerbaijan
  2. Women’s Information Center, recognized for their continuous efforts to empower women economically and politically in Georgia
  3. Waipula Village, Yunnan, lauded as a remarkable case of women-led eco-tourism in the People’s Republic of China
  4. JSC Housing Construction Savings Bank “Otbasy Bank,” commended for their successful implementation of the Umai mortgage program in Kazakhstan
  5. National Federation of Female Communities of Kyrgyzstan honored for their impactful work of fighting gender-based violence in Kyrgyzstan
  6. National Center Against Violence, recognized for their significant contribution to creating a protective system for violence victims in Mongolia
  7. Ms. Fauzia Viqar, a stalwart advocate for women’s rights and empowerment in Pakistan
  8. Ms. Manzura Asadova, an activist supporting women and girls in vulnerable rural areas in Tajikistan
  9. Central Council of the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan, praised for uniting numerous grassroots organizations with a substantial female population
  10. “Nemolchi” Media Project, acknowledged for their role in promoting women’s rights and reshaping public attitudes that view violence against women as a taboo in Uzbekistan
  11. Wonder Women, an international network supporting young women in corporate business, STEM fields and entrepreneurship across the region, celebrated in the regional category