CAREC Regional Investment Framework for Health 2022-2027 (Unpublished Version)

The Regional Investment Framework for Health 2022-2027 supports the implementation of the CAREC Health Strategy 2023. The CAREC region requires further investments to strengthen public health goods, health systems resilience, pandemic preparedness, and health security, particularly cross-border cooperation among CAREC countries to effectively address regional needs, including protecting vulnerable populations in border areas. It is a country-owned, living document with implementation oversight by the CAREC Working Group on Health.

The Regional Investment Framework for Health 2022-2027 identifies priority projects and technical assistance to promote regional health security and cooperation and is a tool for coordinating investments and mobilizing resources. The proposed activities range from research and studies to capacity development, piloting, and larger project investments along the four pillars of the CAREC Health Strategy 2030:

Pillar 1: Leadership and Human Resource Capacity, with a focus on coordination, governance and workforce capacity and skills.

Pillar 2: Technical Preparedness, with a focus on surveillance and laboratory capacity.

Pillar 3: Access to Supplies and Surge Demands, with a focus on regulation and procurement and supply chain management.

Pillar 4: Vulnerable Population Groups, with a focus on health services across borders and health of border populations.

The Regional Investment Framework for Health 2022-2027 is a vital roadmap for strategic investments and collaborative actions to promote health security, resilience, and cooperation in the CAREC region.


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