Transport Sector Development Strategy


The technical assistance aims to improve transport sector performance in Azerbaijan by assessing in detail all modes of transport and identifying strategic priorities and resources for sector development and operational needs for the medium term (2006-2016).

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of the TA was the identification of strategic priorities, policy and institutional reforms, and resources for transport sector development and operation needs during 2006–2016, in line with the State Program on Poverty Reduction and Economic Development

Expected Outputs

The expected outputs included

  • updated transport sector database;
  • identification and prioritization of long-term needs for transport infrastructure and policy, institutional and regulatory reforms;
  • identification of roles of the Government of Azerbaijan, state-owned enterprises, regulatory bodies, and the private sector;
  • sustainable measures to address sector and thematic issues;
  • framework and plans for development of an international logistics center;
  • capacity building of the Ministry of Transport and human resource development plan for the sector;
  • links developed between transport sector development and the national poverty reduction strategy;
  • consultation with stakeholders and development partners; and
  • a government-owned Transport Sector Development Strategy for Azerbaijan (2006–2016).

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 0.35
Government of Azerbaijan 0.083
Total 0.433