Toktogul Rehabilitation Phase 3 Project


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed the rehabilitation of the first two turbine generator units and secondary electrical equipment of the largest and most important power plant in the Kyrgyz Republic. The proposed phase 3 project aims to, among others, complete the rehabilitation of the Toktogul hydroelectric power plant (HPP) by replacing the two remaining turbine-generator units and refurbishing the civil structures of Toktogul dam.

Expected Outcome

The outcome will be improved operational performance of the Kyrgyz Republic’s power sector.

Expected Outputs

The project’s physical outputs will be the (i) rehabilitation of the Toktogul HPP by replacing two turbine-generator units (including associated auxiliary equipment) and refurbishing the civil structures of Toktogul dam, and (ii) overhaul of the dam monitoring systems at Toktogul, Kurpsai, Tashkumyr, Shamaldy-Sai, and Uch Kurgan dams. The project’s nonphysical outputs will be better public knowledge about sector reforms and benefits, and stronger governance and management procedures in the sector (including business operation assessment, management modernization, and corporate financial audit).

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 60 Loan
Asian Development Bank 50 Grant
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic 25
Total 135