Third Xinjiang Highway Project


The highway project has both loan- and grant-financed activities. Loan-financed activities include capacity expansion of Kuitun-Sailimuhu Highway, rehabilitation of local roads rehabilitation program, and institutional strengthening and capacity building. Grant-financed activities include improvement of rural roads in poor areas, ethnic minorities participation policy, traffic safety, and preliminary engineering design review.

Expected Outcome

The project will support economic and social development in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region by improving its highway transport infrastructure and strengthening the institutional capacity of its highway sector.

Expected Outputs

A. Loan-financed components

  • Kuitun–Sailimuhu Highway constructed and expanded, and affected persons resettled;
  • 12 sections of rural roads with a total of 600 km rehabilitated; and
  • institutional capacity of highway sector agencies and institutions strengthened, and operations and maintenance equipment installed.
B. First grant-financed activities
  • Rural roads in poor areas improved and institutional capacity in these areas identified;
  • ethnic minorities’ development plans implemented;
  • traffic safety improved and institutional capacity strengthened; and
  • geometric–geotechnic–structural design of the highway as well as electrical and mechanical systems design implemented.
C. Second grant-financed activities
  • Engineering design and road safety audited; and
  • training for local staff of Xinjiang Communications Department in quality audit of technical designs delivered.

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 150
Government of the People’s Republic of China 184.2
Total 334.2