Third Road Rehabilitation Project


The project includes

  • rehabilitation of about 120 km of the 650 km two–lane national highway from Bishkek to Osh, in particular, km 427–km 498 in Jalal–Abad province (72 km) and the Uzgen–Osh section in Osh province (48 km), including safety features;
  • improvement of about 125 km of secondary roads in Jalal–Abad (Tash Kumyr–Kara Djigach and Bazar Korgon–Arslanbob–Kyzyl Ungkur) feeding into the Bishkek–Osh road;
  • consulting services for construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation, and implementation of reforms in road maintenance practices; and
  • procurement of light, hand–operated equipment and truck–mounted cranes for routine maintenance of the selected secondary roads and the Bishkek–Osh road.

Expected Outcome

The project will help reduce poverty and promote sustainable economic growth by reducing the cost of road transport and improving access to markets in the Bishkek–Osh corridor.

Expected Outputs

  • About 120 km section of the 650 km national highway rehabilitated.
  • About 125 km of secondary feeder roads in Jalal–Abad improved.
  • Capacity for construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation improved and road maintenance reforms implemented.
  • Light, hand-operated equipment and truck-mounted cranes for routine maintenance procured.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 40
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic 10
Total 50