Third Highway Project


The project has three components: A. Motorway Improvement

  • Upgrading a 100-kilometer (km) section of existing two-lane M4 Baku–Shamakhi road into a four-lane motorway.
  • Consultancy services for supervision of works, technical audit, road safety activities on this corridor, and design of priority investments of the main road network.
B. Institutional Development
  • Preparing a policy study on management, financing, and efficient allocation of resources for Azerbaijan's motorways.
  • Institutional development of the Azer Road Service in motorway operation and maintenance.
C. Project Management
  • Technical assistance for supporting the project management capacity of the project implementing unit.

Expected Outcome

The project will contribute to a more efficient and safer Baku–Shamakhi road and higher quality road services as part of the upgrading to motorway standards, and to improve the management of the nascent motorway network.

Expected Outputs

  • Upgraded 100 km section of the Baku-Shamakhi road
  • Institutional development of Azer Road Service
  • Improved project management capacity of the project implementing unit

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 241.6
Government of Azerbaijan 138.27
Total 379.87