Tajikistan: Road Network Sustainability Project


The project will address the oblast's immediate needs by improving two national arterial roads, namely (i) Dangara Okmazor and (ii) Hulbuk Kangurt. The sections link the Asian Highway No. 66 at Dangara and Hulbuk and serve as a vital connector of major economic centers in the oblast. Further, the Dangara Okmazor section is a part of a key corridor which links with the country's major intranational road (CAREC Corridors 5 and 6) at Bokhtar. Despite their importance, the roads have not been well equipped with road safety installments and disaster-proof measures. The lack of adequate road maintenance has led to their deterioration. Improving the sections is essential for the development of the oblast in the light of the government's plan to make Dangara the oblast's key economic hub and the oblast's new capital city in coming years.

Expected Outcome

Safety and reliability of the road networks enhanced in Southern Tajikistan

Expected Outputs

  • Roads in Southern Tajikistan improved
  • MOT's RAMS unit strengthened
  • Women's access to socio-economic opportunities enhanced

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 67.49 Grant 0752-TAJ
CAREC Governments 5.44
Asian Development Bank 43.2 Grant 0859-TAJ - Additional Financing
CAREC Governments 9.27
Total 125.4