Supporting Integrated Border Management Systems in the South Caucasus


The project is designed to support implementation of the integrated border management (IBM) principles in Azerbaijan and along the borders of Azerbaijan with Georgia.

Expected Outcome

Expected Outputs

At the closure of the program, the agencies will have

  • an improved set of harmonized IBM strategies and action plans;
  • improved risk management and analysis policies;
  • strategic leadership and technical capacity in place while high security level is maintained;
  • improved procedure in border crossing points (BCPs) in identifying and processing suspicious cases without disturbing legitimate movements;
  • better equipped pilot BCPs along trade routes;
  • improved document analysis capacities;
  • well-trained trainers and a set of training curricula;
  • enhanced relations among border agencies in the region leading to better cooperation including road borders, rail borders, and seaports.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
United Nations Development Programme 0.096
European Union 1.769
Total 1.865