Supporting Economic Corridor Development through Strategic Planning Frameworks


The technical assistance (TA) aims to assist Pakistan to realize the potential of economic corridor development (ECD) to boost industrial productivity, exports, and job creation and thereby contribute to sustained, increased and equitable economic growth. The key focus of the TA is to (i) further study the corridors to be included in the TA scope; (ii) enhance the value chain development program along the corridors; and (iii) strengthen strategies, policies, institutions, and coordination, including by promoting the role of the private sector, strengthening capacity, and learning from best practices.

Expected Outcome

Better planned ECD resulting in more investments and increased economic activity

Expected Outputs

  • Economic corridor development policy and operational framework developed in line with best practice
  • Strategic policy framework for improving trade competitiveness developed
  • ECD feasibility studies and analytical tools developed
  • Pakistan ECD hub developed

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Department for International Development 2.418
Total 2.418