Strengthening Implementation of Road Maintenance


The technical assistance (TA) was approved together with Loan 2062-TAJ: Dushanbe – Kyrgyz Border Road Rehabilitation Project (PhaseI). The scope of the loan included improvement of 140-kilometer (km) of the Dushanbe – Nurobod road together with improvement of 77 km rural roads in the project area, equipment for road maintenance, and associated consulting services for construction supervision, as well as institutional support to MOTC for strengthening road maintenance and financing.

Expected Outcome

The outcome of the TA was to facilitate improvement of road maintenance and financing and thus sustainability of investments in the road sector.

Expected Outputs

The outputs of the TA included

  • developing a strategy and system of maintenance for national and secondary roads;
  • modifying the maintenance manual for national roads, prepare a maintenance manual for secondary roads; and
  • providing training, and conduct pilot projects for maintenance of secondary roads.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 0.6
Government of Tajikistan 0.16
Total 0.76