Second Highway Project


The project has two components: A. Road Improvement Program

  • Upgrading of some sections of the Alat–Masalli portion of the Alat–Astara–Iranian Border Highway (M3), including expansion of the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway, and construction of bypasses around key towns;
  • rehabilitation and upgrading of about 124-kilometer (km) Baku–Shamakhi–Muganli road;
  • improvement of selected local roads connecting to the Alat–Masalli portion of the M3 Highway and the Baku–Shamakhi–Muganli road (M4);
  • provision of consultant services for the engineering design and supervision of the above mentioned roads and the engineering design of future road improvement programs; and
  • land acquisition along the Alat–Masalli portion of the M3 Highway.
B. Institutional Strengthening and Project Administration
  • Institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Transport and Road Transport Service Department by supporting ongoing activities in road management systems and operations; and
  • supporting the implementation capacity of the project implementing unit by provision of consultant services, audit services, office computers, software programs, and office furniture, and other goods.

Expected Outcome

The project will help reduce road transport costs and improve access, transit, and road safety within East–West and North–South corridors by upgrading some sections of the Alat–Masalli road of the Baku–Iran highway (M3) and rehabilitating the Baku–Shamakhi road (M4).

Expected Outputs

  • Upgraded and improved sections of the M3 Highway and M4 road.
  • Strengthened and improved Ministry of Transport, Road Transport Service Department and the project implementing unit.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 675
Government of Azerbaijan 352.99
Total 1,027.99