Second CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program, Tranche 2


The second tranche of the investment program will upgrade a 75-kilometer (km), two-lane section of a highway running from Pungan to Namangan to four lanes. It will also provide additional financing to help complete work on 58 km of road approved under Tranche 1 of the program.

Expected Outcome

The upgraded road section of A373/4P112 highway and completion of the 58 km road will improve road connectivity, safety, and effective management for the Uzbekistan sections of CAREC Corridor 2.

Expected Outputs

The components for financing under the loan are: (i) Road development. The output will be about 75 km of the reconstructed section of A373/4R112 highway (between Km 0 and Km 75) from Pungan to Namangan. The investment will upgrade the existing two-lane section to a four-lane section with an international design. The cost includes civil works and construction supervision consulting services. (ii) Additional financing for Tranche 1. The output will be completion of civil works for the 58 km road improvement approved under Tranche 1.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 38.91
Government of Uzbekistan 45
Total 83.91