Road Network Development Investment Program, Tranche 2


The program’s second tranche will rehabilitate 90 kilometers of the Qaisar–Bala Murghab section of the Herat–Andkhoy road and construct approximately 143 kilometers of the Bala Murghab–Laman section. The project will also improve communities' access to social services and basic infrastructure.

Expected Outcome

The investment program will increase Afghanistan's road network connectivity and quality by promoting, and providing financing for the road improvement and institutions development component of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

Expected Outputs

  • The Qaisar–Bala Murghab–Laman section of the ring road constructed and reconstructed with quality and within budget.
  • Provision of basic infrastructure needs for about 100 local communities.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund 30
Total 30