Regional Road Development Project, Supplementary


The project will assist the Government of Mongolia in achieving the objectives of the initial project by financing cost overruns related to the following parts of the initial project:

  • Part A Initial Project Road: (a) The construction of the remaining sixty-two (62) kilometers (km) of the two-lane road section of about four hundred thirty (430) km from Choyr to the border near Zamyn-Uud; (b) The price adjustment for the contracts related to the construction of the road sections from (i) 35th Railway Crossing to 18th Khudag, and (ii) 18th Khudag to 62.2 km mile post.
  • Part D Area Development: (a) The price adjustment for contract related to the construction of the access road to Urgun Soum.

Expected Outcome

The supplementary financing will help finish the project and realize the benefits of establishing a modern highway link between Mongolia's economic centers and its main trading partners.

Expected Outputs

  • About 428 km of the asphalt concrete road between Choyr and the PRC border in Zamyn–Uud built.
  • Cross-border road transport facilitation plan implemented.
  • Road safety improvement component implemented.
  • Area development program implemented.
  • Program on awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS and human trafficking on the north-south road corridor implemented.

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 16 Loan
Asian Development Bank 8 Grant
Total 24