Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project, Additional Financing


The additional financing for the Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project will rehabilitate the 118-kilometer (km) Darkhan–Altanbulag and 58-km Khuiten Valley–Arvaikheer road sections, while further enhancing the condition of the 204-km Ulaanbaatar–Darkhan road section.

Expected Outcome

Efficiency of road transport within the project area and between countries improved

Expected Outputs

  • Road asset management (RAM) capacity improved
  • Road condition improved
  • Road safety improved
  • Due diligence reports for project preparation prepared

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 58.5 Loan
Asian Development Bank 1.5 Grant - High Level Technology Fund
Government of Mongolia 0.6
Total 60.6