Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia (Phase 2, Year 3)


The technical assistance (TA) comes under the CAREC Program umbrella, which aims at promoting economic growth and raising living standards of the participating countries through enhanced and expanded regional economic cooperation. Phase II of the program, which commenced in 1999, involved pre-feasibility analysis of previously identified high priority infrastructure investment projects and support for continuing policy dialogue. Phase II, Year Three was intended to also address other regional concerns such as trade facilitation and broad water/energy/environment issues, as well as the establishment of an institutionalized mechanism for the CAREC Program.

Expected Outcome

The operational objectives of the TA focused on the following: preparation of priority regional infrastructure projects in transport; support for trade and investment facilitation; exploring ADB’s role in the broad regional water/energy/environment issues; and establishing an overall institutional framework (OIF) to guide the CAREC Program.

Expected Outputs

The TA was expected to support the following specific activities:

  • support the establishment of working groups to coordinate effective preparation of priority road and rail projects;
  • conduct a sector study on customs reforms and cooperation and a comprehensive review of impediments to investment in the region;
  • support a regional energy workshop;
  • support a wide range of activities towards the establishment of an OIF for strengthening overall planning, prioritization, and implementation of the program, including support for a Senior Officials’ Meeting and a Ministerial Conference; and
  • analyze potential participation of Turkmenistan in regional economic cooperation.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 0.95
CAREC Governments 0.05
Total 1