Regional Airports Rehabilitation Project, Phase 1


The project covers

  • rehabilitation of seven regional airports—Bamyan, Chaghcharan, Faizabad, Farah, Maimana, Qalai-Naw, and Zaranj—including runway and stopway reconstruction; building new taxiways and aprons; constructing or renovating passenger terminals; providing water supply, sewerage, and power supply system; reconstructing access roads and car parks; providing airport maintenance plant, equipment, and airport maintenance building;
  • provision of two human resource development packages for Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism to strengthen capacity for sector management and airport operations and maintenance;
  • provision of postconstruction operations assistance by engaging an airport management/operations specialist, an airport maintenance specialist, and an airport fire services specialist;
  • provision of consulting services for project management and monitoring; and
  • engagement of external auditors.

Expected Outcome

The project will help the government reconstruct Afghanistan by rehabilitating regional airports damaged during two decades of conflict and neglect.

Expected Outputs

  • Seven regional airports rehabilitated.
  • Management, operations, and maintenance capacity of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism strengthened.
  • Postconstruction operations assistance provided.
  • Project management and monitoring assistance provided.
  • External auditors engaged.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 30
Government of Afghanistan 0.1
Total 30.1