Promotion of Energy Efficient Lighting in Kazakhstan


The project reflects national priorities in the field of energy conservation through transition to energy efficient lighting equipment which facilitates the country’s progress to sustainability.

Expected Outcome

The objective of the project is the transformation of Kazakhstan market towards the energy efficient lighting technologies and gradual replacement of inefficient lighting equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Expected Outputs

  • Development of energy efficient lighting standards and gradual phase-out of the inefficient lighting equipment used before
  • Increased accessibility and market share of energy efficient lighting across various geographic and demographic sectors
  • Increased familiarity among diverse stakeholders with energy efficient lighting and associated issues
  • Increased investor confidence, design and administrative capacity, and market share of energy efficient lighting as a result of demonstration projects
  • Disposition of spent mercury-containing lamps

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
United Nations Development Programme 0.05
Government of Kazakhstan 27.403
Global Environment Facility 4.57
Total 32.023