Pap–Angren Railway


The project will reduce transport costs and increase transport capacity and reliability through the construction of a rail link between the Uzbek part of the Ferghana Valley and the rest of Uzbekistan.

Expected Outcome

The construction of the railway will expand market access of small and medium enterprises, help increase their profits, and stimulate growing demand for workers in some key sectors such as textiles and services.

Expected Outputs

The project consists of six components:

  • rail main infrastructure;
  • rail electrification, signaling, track maintenance and railway video surveillance system;
  • power distribution line;
  • technical assistance to Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (UTY) for supporting railway construction;
  • technical assistance to UTY for improving railway logistics; and
  • implementation support.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 195
Government of Uzbekistan 1,088.75
China Export Import Bank 350
Total 1,633.75