KTJ Climate Resilient Rail Infra


The provision of a sovereign loan of up to €8 million to the Kyrgyz Republic to be on-lent to the State Enterprise National Rail Company Kyrgyz Temir Jolu under the Ministry of transport and communications of the Kyrgyz Republic ("KTJ" or the "Company"). The Project will increase the sustainability of the rail infrastructure by enhancing rail network climate resilience in the Boom Gorge area and upgrading KTJ's rolling stock to enhance the operational efficiency.

Expected Outcome

The Project contributes to strengthening countrywide and regional cross-border connectivity by increasing resilience of the Kyrgyz Republic's rail infrastructure. The Project will also promote the commercialisation and corporatisation of KTJ and facilitate integration of climate risks management approaches into their operations in line with international best practice. The proposed strategic engagement is in line with the Bank's Strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic (BDS/KY/19-01(Final)), the Transport Sector Strategy (BDS19-172(Final)), the Green Economy Transition Approach 2021-2025 (BDS20-082(Final)) and the Promotion of Gender Equality (BDS21-133 (F)).

Expected Outputs

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 8.328
Total 8.328