Highway Project


The project consists of three parts: A. Road rehabilitation

  • Upgrading of selected sections of the existing East–West Highway, including reconstruction, resurfacing and leveling of the sections to achieve a high quality road; widening the shoulders of the roadway; replacement, widening, or strengthening of bridges in need of repair; improvement of drainage; and installation of road markings and road signs;
  • construction of a bypass around the city of Tovuz; and
  • pilot programs for rural roads maintenance.
B. Institutional strengthening
  • Provision of technical assistance, training, audit services, and goods to strengthen the institutional capacity and assist in the restructuring and modernization of Azyol.
C. Project management
  • Provision of goods, consultant services, audit services and incremental operating costs to the project implementation unit to improve project implementation capacity.

Expected Outcome

The project will promote trade and economic growth by improving access and lowering transport costs for goods and passenger traffic moving along the East–West Highway.

Expected Outputs

  • Selected sections of the East-West Highway reconstructed, new bypass in Tovuz built, and rural road maintenance programs implemented.
  • Institutional capacity of Azyol strengthened and the company restructured and modernized.
  • Capacity improved of project implementation unit.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 40
Government of Azerbaijan 6.5
European Union-Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States 1.5
Total 48