Heat Supply Improvement Project


The development objective of the project for Kyrgyz Republic is to improve the efficiency and quality of heating in selected project areas.

Expected Outcome

Expected Outputs

This project consists of three components: (i) The first component, Improving supply efficiency and quality of the District Heating (DH) system in Bishkek, aims to support priority investments and capacity-building activities aimed at improving the supply efficiency and quality of the DH system in Bishkek. (ii) The second component, Piloting efficient and clean heating stoves, aims to pilot efficient and clean heating solutions for households that don’t have access to DH and are relying on traditional, inefficient and polluting solid fuel-fired heating stoves and low pressure boilers. (iii) The third component, Demonstrating the benefits of energy efficiency improvements in public buildings, aims to support the government’s Action Plan on reducing electricity consumption in public buildings by improving their energy efficiency and will help to build local market capacity in preparing and implementing energy efficient and seismic building retrofits.    

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 41
Total 41