Feasibility Studies of the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan Natural Gas Pipeline Project


A steering committee of the ministers of oil and gas from the three countries was established for necessary follow-up and supervision of the project.  The Steering Committee requested the Asian Development Bank to play the role of a development partner and provide regional technical assistance for feasibility studies.

Expected Outcome

The outcome of the TA was the technical feasibility and economic and financial viability of constructing and operating a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Expected Outputs

The feasibility study was used by the governments of the four countries as the basis for (i) an intergovernmental framework agreement required to implement project construction, operation, and gas sales; (ii) the gas sales and purchase contracts between Turkmenistan and the purchasers of gas from the Dautelabad fields; and (iii) a transport contract between Turkmenistan and the gas pipeline consortium. The outputs of the TA were route surveys, basic project design, cost estimates, implementation schedule, environment and social impact assessments, and financial and economic analyses.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 1
Government of Afghanistan 0.37
Total 1.37