Energy Efficiency Project


The project consists of two components: investment and technical assistance (TA). The first part will finance eligible subprojects to support a reduction in energy use of public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, clinics/hospitals, and street lighting. The second part concerns technical assistance to help ensure effective project implementation.

Expected Outcome

The project will improve energy efficiency in public and social facilities and the enable sustainable energy financing.

Expected Outputs

The project includes

  • project implementation support and capacity building (e.g., technical advisors, construction supervision, monitoring and reporting, project audit, staff training);
  • technical studies;
  • awareness, outreach and information campaigns;
  • legal, institutional and regulatory reviews and workshops;
  • design of a sustainable energy financing mechanism; and
  • other technical studies and TA as identified.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Government of Kazakhstan 1.3
Total 1.3