Emergency Transport Rehabilitation Project


The project involves four components: A. Road Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of the Kabul–Doshi and the Pul-e-Khumri–Kunduz roads, as well as roads and bridges in the northern region of Afghanistan;
  • rehabilitation of the Salang tunnel, including the tunnel’s approaches; and
  • provision of goods, training, and consulting services required for road maintenance.
B. Civil aviation
  • Rehabilitation of the runway at Kabul International Airport and upgrading the capabilities of the airport by providing communication, radio, meteorological, ground-handling and de-icing equipment, and a power distribution system;
  • construction of a water and sanitation system at Kabul International Airport; and
  • provision of related goods and consulting services.
C. Secondary and tertiary roads
  • Rehabilitation of about 250 km of secondary and tertiary roads adjacent to the roads referred to under part A of the project; and
  • provision of related goods, training, and consulting services.
D. Transport sector review and miscellaneous studies
  • Carrying out pre-feasibility and other studies, including development of an institutional and policy framework for the transport sector.

Expected Outcome

The project will facilitate Afghanistan’s economic and social recovery through improved (i) physical access to goods, markets, and administrative and social services; (ii) building capacity in management, implementation and maintenance of transport services and works; and (iii) assist in the establishment of a policy framework for sustainable transport service delivery.

Expected Outputs

  • Major roads, such as Kabul-Doshi and the Pul-e-Khumri-Kunduz roads, and the Salang tunnel rehabilitated
  • Runway at the Kabul International Airport rehabilitated, airport capabilities upgraded, and a water and sanitation system constructed
  • About 250 km secondary and tertiary roads rehabilitated
  • Pre-feasibility and other studies, including a transport review developed and an institutional and policy framework for the transport sector implemented

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 108
Government of Afghanistan 15.7
Other Fund Sources 5.1
Total 128.8