Electricity Supply Accountability and Reliability Improvement Project


The objective of the proposed Electricity Supply Accountability and Reliability Improvement project is to improve the reliability of the electricity supply in the capital city Bishkek, as well as the Chui and Talas regions—an area served by the state-owned power distribution company Severelectro JSC—and to strengthen the governance of Severlectro’s operations.

Expected Outcome

Specifically, the project will aim to

  •  improve power supply reliability in the service area of Severelectro by strengthening the distribution infrastructure of Severelectro (including investments in new substations to eliminate overloads and in advanced meters);
  • enhance quality of services to customers by providing Severelectro with better information management tools for a faster and more effective response to service interruptions and customer complaints;
  • improve financial viability of Severelectro through reduction of technical and non-technical losses in its service area; and
  • strengthen governance and internal controls in Severelectro through provision of access to real time and reliable corporate and commercial information, as well as institutional strengthening.

Expected Outputs

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 25.47
Total 25.47