East–West Highway (Khevi–Ubisa Section) Improvement Project


The proposed project will improve the Khevi–Ubisa section and improve operations and maintenance of the road network, as well as road safety. Further, the project's focus on climate resilient design will contribute to mainstreaming the sustainability of Georgia's road network.

Expected Outcome

Efficiency and safety of road transport along the East–West Highway improved

Expected Outputs

  • 12-kilometer section of East–West Highway between Khevi and Ubisa constructed
  • Road safety awareness increased
  • Capacity of the Roads Department for operation and maintenance and project management improved

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 300
World Bank 140
European Investment Bank 560.55
Japan International Cooperation Agency 348.71
Government of Georgia 129.53
Total 1,478.79