Dushanbe–Kyrgyz Border Road Rehabilitation Project, Phase 1


The project includes

  • improvement of about 140 kilometers (km) of the mostly two-lane highway from Dushanbe to Nurobod, through a combination of rehabilitation of km 22–km 95, minor rehabilitation of km 95–km 150, and minor works on the km 9–km 22 section;
  • improvement of 77 km of rural roads in the project area;
  • consulting services for construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation, implementation of measures to improve road safety, auditing, and project management; and
  • procurement of maintenance equipment for use in routine and periodic maintenance of all of the improved road sections.

Expected Outcome

The project will help reduce poverty, by reducing the cost of road transport and improving access to markets, and  increase regional trade and cooperation, by rehabilitating the road linking Dushanbe to Nurobod (Darband) in the Rasht Valley, and on to the Kyrgyz Republic and the People's Republic of China.

Expected Outputs

  • About 140 km of the two-lane highway from Dushanbe to Nurobod improved.
  • 77 km of rural roads in the project area improved.
  • Measures for road safety, auditing, and project management implemented.
  • Maintenance equipment for improved road sections procured.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 15
Government of Tajikistan 2.6
OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) Fund for International Development 6
Total 23.6