CAREC Regional Road Project


The project will improve 131 kilometers of the A-380 highway, a 1,204 kilometer road that runs from the Kazakh border in Uzbekistan's north toward Afghanistan and Turkmenistan in the south. It will also help strengthen government’s operation and maintenance of the road network.

Expected Outcome

The project will support an adequate, efficient, safe, and sustainable road network in Uzbekistan that provides domestic and regional connectivity, contributing to sustainable economic development, and increased domestic and international trade.

Expected Outputs

  • Reconstructed road sections of A-380 between Guzar and Dautata border.
  • Road Equipment Pool Company (REPC) operationalized.
  • Road sustainability enhanced.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 72.3
Government of Uzbekistan 98.2
Total 170.5