CAREC: Knowledge Sharing and Services in Transport and Transport Facilitation


The technical assistance (TA) acts as a vehicle for generation, management and dissemination of knowledge aimed at strengthening the implementation of the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020 (TTFS 2020).

Expected Outcome

The TA will enhance capacities of CAREC countries for effective TTFS 2020 implementation in the areas of transport and transport facilitation.

Expected Outputs

  • Policy advisory and analytical work on selected TTFS 2020 topics conducted.
  • Organization of knowledge on selected TTFS 2020 topics improved.
  • Sharing of knowledge and experiences on selected TTFS 2020 topics enhanced.
  • Skills and know-how for applying knowledge on selected TTFS 2020 topics in operational work strengthened.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 1.4
People’s Republic of China (PRC) Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund 0.4
Asian Development Bank 0.75 Supplementary - approved 2015
Asian Development Bank 0.2 Supplementary - approved 2016
Asian Development Bank 0.3 Supplementary - approved 2017
Total 3.05