CAREC Corridors 3 and 5 Enhancement Project


The project will improve road conditions and road safety on the 88-kilometer (km) Sayron-Karamyk section of CAREC corridors 3 and 5, and the 87-km Vose-Khovaling road. It will also upgrade feeder roads to rural communities, and build solar energy and other public facilities.

Expected Outcome

The project will enhance regional economic cooperation and inclusive economic growth in Tajikistan. The outcome will be improved regional network (CAREC corridors 3 and 5, and the subnetwork) connectivity.

Expected Outputs

The project will

  • improve road conditions and enhance road safety on CAREC corridors 3 and 5 (the Sayron-Karamyk road section, 88 km) and the subnetwork (the Vose-Khovaling road, 87 km) totaling 175 km;
  • extend access to local communities through the improvement of rural feeder roads; and
  • strengthen of project management, contract supervision, and efficient road maintenance.

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 70
Government of Tajikistan 19
Total 89