Baku to Samur


The project includes

  • upgrading and rehabilitation of a 60-kilometer (km) section of road from Sumgait to Zarat, located on the main north–south route from Baku to Samur;
  • creation of four to six regional maintenance units;
  • establishment of a “service level agreement” between these regional maintenance units and the in-house suppliers undertaking the road maintenance work; and
  • strengthening the capacity of the Roads Advisory Board to audit the operation of the service-level agreement in place between the Ministry of Transport and the Road Transport Services Department.

Expected Outcome

The project will help promote economic development and regional trade, by improving a section of the main north–south road linking the Russian Federation and Iran with Baku, Azerbaijan.

Expected Outputs

  • 60 km road section from Sumgait to Zarat upgraded
  • Four to six regional maintenance units created
  • A service-level agreement between regional maintenance units and suppliers established
  • Capacity of the Roads Advisory Board strengthened

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 100
Total 100