Access to Electricity with New Off-Grid Solar Technology in Central Asia


The project will support development of a DC solar kit with DC appliances and lithium-ion batteries. Currently the project is in its proof of concept stage. The proof of concept will develop design, complete technical specifications, and identify DC appliances produced by reputable international brands within the target price of $1,500.

Expected Outcome

The TA aims to demonstrate the technical and financial viability of this new technology combination in the CAREC region, and enable the off-grid community to move from basic lighting to a range of basic battery-operated appliances using larger solar panels and long-life lithium-ion batteries. This is consistent with other ADB investments that allow off-grid solutions as a long-term technology option on the least-cost optimization plan.

Expected Outputs

  • Viability of large-scale off-grid DC solar kits adoption demonstrated in selected CAREC countries.
  • Open-source design available for developing new business by private sector.
  • Off-grid electrification capacity developed.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Clean Energy Fund 2
Total 2