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The newsletter prepared by the CAREC Secretariat will update you on CAREC activities every month. A lot has happened this year and in this first issue we will recap CAREC activities that have happened in 2021 so far. We will also include relevant publications, blogs, and other content that will keep you updated about everything that is happening in the CAREC region. The newsletter will be shared with various institutions across the CAREC region, including organizations in the private sector, government agencies, multilateral banks, media outlets, non-governmental agencies, and others.


CAREC Economic and Financial Stability Cluster 2021

CAREC Panel discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Inclusion in the COVID-19 Context - Read More

Latest Publications
Enhancing Regional Health Cooperation under CAREC 2030: A Scoping Study - Jul 6, 2021

This study explores the potential and opportunities for promoting regional cooperation in the health sector as an operational priority in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Strategy 2030.

Harnessing the Role of Technology in Promoting Safe Tourism Destinations in CAREC - Mar 1, 2021

The paper on harnessing the role of technology in promoting safe tourism destinations in CAREC overviews losses incurred in the industry owing to the pandemic, discusses some deep-rooted challenges, lists benefits of technology application, and provides recommendations for CAREC members, also for multilateral development partners to revive the tourism industry and enhance its experience post-COVID-19.

Analysis of Public Attitudes towards COVID-19 Vaccination in Selected CAREC Countries - Apr 1, 2021

This research report covers findings of population polls in Q1 2021 about public attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccinations in seven CAREC countries: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Ports and Logistics Scoping Study in CAREC Countries - Apr 16, 2021

CAREC members rely on open-sea ports of third-party countries outside borders as conduits for exports and imports. These open-sea ports are located mostly in non-CAREC countries and act as international oceanic trade nodes to connect CAREC freight across cross-border railways, highways, inland sea shipping, and on river and canal barges.

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News has conducted a written interview with Safdar Parvez, Director, CWRC, ADB - May 18, 2021

Regional Workshop on Implementation of the Road Map of the Shymkent-Tashkent-Khujand Economic Corridor (STKEC) Development - Apr 20, 2021

When global tourism returns, the Silk Road awaits - Mar 24, 2021

Virtual Training on Plant Quarantine Legislation, Phytosanitary Risk Management and Plant Clinics: Uzbekistan - Mar 24, 2021

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Recent Events

CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting 2021 - June 30, 2021

Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) senior officials discussed the progress of the program and new initiatives, including the 2030 Development Effectiveness Report, Health Cooperation Strategy 2030, Digital Strategy 2030, Regional Infrastructure Projects Enabling Facility, and Development of CAREC Water Pillar. Azerbaijan Deputy Minister for Economy and CAREC National Focal Point Rovshan Najaf, CWRD DG Eugenue Zhukov, and EARD DG M. Teresa Kho co-chaired the meeting.

CAREC Economic and Financial Stability Cluster 2021 - Jul 1, 2021
Senior officials from central banks, financial regulatory authorities, and finance ministries from CAREC countries, together with representatives from the ADB, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the private sector on 1 July discussed financial inclusion challenges and opportunities.

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Upcoming Events

Jul 2021 - 3-day Workshop on Unlocking Private Investment for Sustainalbe Infrastructure (Books Launch)

Jul 2021 - 4th CAREC Institute Advisory Council Meeting

Jul 2021 - CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) Optimization Workshop and Launch of 2020 CPMM Annual Report

Jul 2021 - CAREC Economic and Financial Stability Event (1st of 2-part series)

Jul 2021 - CAREC Tourism Focal Points’ Meeting

More Upcoming Events

Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth in the Tourism Industry - May 2021

Tourism Recovery Information – Information at the heart of restoring tourist confidence - May 2021

Contact-Less Journeys – Myth or Reality? - May 2021

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