Preparing the East-West Highway (Shorapani–Argveta Section) Improvement Project


The Government of Georgia, through the Roads Department (RD) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, is planning capacity expansion of the current two-lane mountainous section of the East West Highway (Highway E60) between Chumateleti and Argveta in central Georgia, a distance of about 53 kilometers, through mountainous terrain.

Expected Outcome

The proposed project will improve the Shorapani Argveta section (F4) of the East–West Highway. Further, the project's focus on climate resilient design will contribute to the sustainability of Georgia's road network. The proposed small-scale technical assistance will ensure that the project will be prepared to acceptable technical, safeguards, and procurement standards. The ensuing project is expected to meet the high-readiness criteria before Board consideration

Expected Outputs

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 0.2
Total 0.2