Regional Workshop on CAREC Trade & Investment Facilitation (CARTIF)

ADB conducted a two-day regional workshop on CAREC Trade and Investment Facilitation (CARTIF) in Istanbul (Türkiye) on 19-20 June 2024.

This regional workshop was organized with the following purposes:

  • to review existing regional trade and investment agreements/arrangements;
  • to share the CARTIF concept, workplan and methodology, and get CAREC countries’ reflections on these;
  • to conduct in-depth discussions on proposed priority CARTIF chapters;
  • to provide CAREC countries with sufficient information about the potential benefits of CARTIF, enabling them to make an informed decision about whether to join the partnership agreement;
  • to share the views from Development Partners (DPs) on regional trade agreements;
  • to present trade and socio-economic dynamics in the CAREC region.


CAREC officials representing trade and national economy ministries, CAREC trade focals, representatives of research centers/think tanks, export/import companies from CAREC countries, development partners, international experts, ADB staff.

Key Documents


List of Participants | RUS



Session 1 – CARTIF Rationale and Concept

Session 2 – CARTIF Priority Chapters: Trade in Goods

Session 3 – CARTIF Priority Chapters: Trade Facilitation, NTM, SPS

Session 4 – CARTIF Priority Chapters: Trade in Services

Session 5 – CARTIF Priority Chapters: Investment Provisions

Session 6 – CARTIF Implementation Arrangements  

Session 7 – CARTIF Priority Chapters: Digital Trade/E-commerce


Session 9: Development Partners Perspectives

Session on Knowledge Management for Trade and Investment Facilitation

Special Virtual Session: Trade and Socio-Economic Dynamics in the CAREC Region Amid External Shocks