CAREC Road Safety Engineering – Star Ratings for Road Safety Audits Online Workshop

This workshop presents the different approaches of combining Road Safety Audits (RSA) and the iRAP methodology explained in an upcoming new CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manual, Star Ratings for Road Safety Audits (SR4RSA). This Manual is created to share approaches for how policymakers and practitioners can use RSA and the iRAP methodology together to improve safety in road designs.

RSA and the iRAP methodology have the same objective: to reduce the risk of crashes occurring and minimize the severity of crashes. Yet the two approaches are different: RSA leverages on the knowledge and experience of auditors while the iRAP methodology is highly standardized, driven by data and evidence, and produces quantifiable safety metrics, meaning that before committing to a design, it is possible to check that the scheme would achieve a safety target. RSA and the iRAP methodology each have strengths and limitations; however, by combining the two, the potential of each approach can be amplified.

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