CAREC Energy Study Tour "Exploring Renewal Energy Adoption and Grid Flexibility in the Cold Climates of Denmark and Norway"

The Energy Sector Office brought 19 government officials from 10 CAREC countries to Norway and Denmark in a study mission from June 17 to 21. CAREC officials also met with industry experts, policymakers, and technology leaders. The Norwegian Ministry of Energy and regulatory authorities emphasized how Norwegian hydropower helps balance the variability of wind and solar power in the European network. Transmission operators highlighted the need for enhancing cross-border energy exchange using market-based pricing mechanisms. The mission showcased innovative solutions for integrating energy systems and efficient power trading. The delegates found the meetings well-organized and gained valuable insights into energy market reforms and the adoption of renewable energy. This mission will be followed by a workshop on transmission and interconnectivity in Tashkent on September 25 and 26, aiming to further enhance regional interconnectivity in the CAREC region.

Key Documents