Bordering Iran to the south, Afghanistan to the south and east, and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to the north, Turkmenistan is rich in oil and gas resources. Its natural gas reserves are estimated at 20 trillion cubic meters and oil reserves at 12 billion barrels.

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Economic Outlook

Highlights from the Asian Development Outlook 2014:
Growth remained strong at 10.2% in 2013, reflecting high public investment and strong performance in all production sectors, and the current account surplus widened to about 0.5% of GDP. Growth is projected to accelerate to 11% in 2014, as gas exports increase, and register 10% in 2015, while the current account surplus should average 2% of GDP during 2014-2015. Read more.

More economic and social indicators for Turkmenistan from the World Bank's World Development Indicators online.


Human Development

The United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Report program has prepared a series of reports on Turkmenistan.

Partner Institutions and Turkmenistan