CAREC TA Projects—Trade Policy

CAREC Trade Policy Technical Assistance Projects in Detail

This database contains a list of CAREC-related trade policy projects. Each project entry contains a more detailed set of information, including a summary description, country coverage, priority area or sector, expected outputs and outcomes, approval and expected completion dates, funding type and amount, and related links and documents.

Title CountryFunding AgencyFunding TypeYearStatus
Building Trade Policy Capacity: Formulating an International Trade PolicyMONADBTechnical Assistance2014Ongoing
Supporting Industrial Park Development in the CAREC RegionREGADBTechnical Assistance2014Ongoing
Strengthening Tajikistan's Trade and Investment RegimeTAJADBTechnical Assistance2013Completed
Central Asia Trade and Human Development Impact Studies and A4T Needs AssessmentREGUNDPTechnical Assistance2008Completed
Trade and Human Development in MongoliaMONUNDP, GMONTechnical Assistance2006Completed
Capacity Building Support to the Ministry of Economic Development to Develop a Competitive Non-oil Sector in AzerbaijanAZEUNDP, GAZETechnical Assistance2005Completed
Capacity Building on Selected WTO and Doha Development Agenda IssuesREGADBTechnical Assistance2004Completed
Central Asia Regional Cooperation in Trade, Transport, and TransitREGADBTechnical Assistance2004Completed
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