Overall CAREC Program
CAREC addresses policy-level activity through the Ministerial Conference mechanism, and the operational level through the Senior Officials’ Meeting mechanism: both are crucial in crafting and implementing strategic direction for the overall Program, including the four priority areas.

The Overall CAREC Program

CAREC works on two primary levels—policy and operational—and has established effective inclusive mechanisms to address both elements:

  • Ministerial Conference. The key policy decision-making body of CAREC, this forum meets annually to consider policy update and issues, relevant impact on the work of the CAREC Program, and to endorse appropriate actionable measures. The Ministerial Conference guides the overall direction of the Program.
  • Senior Officials’ Meeting. CAREC senior officials meet biannually and focus on the Program’s operational level, including identification of key regional issues, and implementation of priority regional projects in the four priority areas—transport, trade facilitation, trade policy, and energy.

Both mechanisms strive to ensure that

  • ownership and initiatives of regional economic cooperation rest firmly with the participating countries;
  • high-level consensus building is promoted; and
  • regional infrastructure needs are prioritized and their financing and implementation is facilitated.