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Dec 2014Presenting the Almaty Ring Road
This landmark public-private partnership, backed by the EBRD, IFC and the Kazakh Government, is the first under a new regulatory framework and could lead to more such partnerships in Kazakhstan's infrastructure sector.
Nov 2014Tajikistan: The EBRD and Hydroelectric Power
The EBRD is channeling more than $75 million to repair and rehabilitate one of the country's crucially important hydroelectric power plants - at the Qairokkum dam.
Oct 2014ADB-Azerbaijan: Foundation of a bright future
The 15-year partnership between ADB and Azerbaijan has brought the Central Asian country substantial benefits, contributing to its remarkable development in recent years.
VideoTransport, EnergyAZEADB
Oct 2014Powering education in Azerbaijan
A teacher illustrates how a robust energy infrastructure is now providing Azerbaijan with the electricity needed to run its schools.
Oct 2014Better roads spur trade in Azerbaijan
A truck driver relates how upgraded roads in Azerbaijan are helping producers deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the country's markets faster.
Sep 2014The Road of Life
Road rehabilitation works along segments of the Osh-Batken-Isfana road in the Kyrgyz Republic result in an increase and diversification of local and trans-border trade.
VideoTransportWorld Bank
Jun 2014World Bank Group launches Country Partnership Strategy 2015-2018 for Tajikistan
Christopher Miller, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Country Officer for Tajikistan, highlights key areas of IFC support to Tajikistan.
VideoEnergy, TransportTAJWorld Bank
Apr 2014ADB and Kazakhstan: A Fruitful Partnership
Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been working with the Government of Kazakhstan since the country's independence in 1991, a partnership that has helped the country move from a centrally planned to a market-driven economy.
VideoRegional CooperationKAZADB
Apr 2014ADB and Kazakhstan: Connecting East and West
In landlocked Kazakhstan, connectivity is key to economic development. The government is upgrading more than 2,700 km of road to eventually link the People's Republic of China to Europe. ADB, along with partners, is funding a 470 km stretch of the road in Zhambyl Oblast.
Apr 2014Shared Prosperity in Europe and Central Asia
Hans Timmer, World Bank's Chief Economist for Europe and Central Asia, shares recommendations on what it would take to pave the way to shared prosperity in the region.
VideoRegional CooperationREGWorld Bank
Mar 2014Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund receives boost from donors
The Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund is managed by the ADB and is helping to build and run infrastructure to promote security and drive development. The governments of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan are providing an additional $286 million to the fund.
Mar 2014Can One Country's Electricity Surplus Be Another Country's Gain?
A new electricity transmission system, to connect the countries of Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Afghanistan and Pakistan, called CASA-1000, would help make the most efficient use of clean hydropower resources in the Central Asia by enabling them to transfer and sell their electricity surplus during the summer months to the deficient countries in South Asia.
VideoEnergyAFG, KGZ, PAK, TAJWorld Bank
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