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Nov 2010A New Silk Road
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has provided loans for several key projects in the transport sector in Kazakhstan. The projects will help integrate Central Asian countries into the international road network and strengthen vital trade links between Western Europe and Asia.
Nov 2010Improving the Road Network in Central Asia
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) ensures that its transport projects have a long-lasting impact. Sue Barrett, Director for Transport, explains how the EBRD cooperates with other international financial institutions and how it helps the sector's institutional development through technical cooperation grants.
Oct 2010Azerbaijan: Roads that Build Networks
From Azerbaijan you can travel by road to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. That's why the Government of Azerbaijan has been pouring money into its north-south and east-west arteries—and it's aiming to have a network of motorways by 2015.
VideoTransportAZEWorld Bank
Oct 2010Toward a Modern Silk Road: How a Shifting Global Economy is Intensifying Economic Links between the Middle East and Asia
The past few years have witnessed a renewal of economic ties between the Middle East and Asia, two regions linked by the historic Silk Route.
VideoRegional Cooperation, Trade Facilitation, Economy, FinanceREGIMF
Oct 2010Azerbaijan Highway Program
The World Bank has supported Azerbaijan's road sector modernization through its Highway Program, which is being undertaken in three phases.
VideoTransportAZEWorld Bank
Jul 2010ADB and Tajikistan Launch a New Country Partnership Strategy
Tajikistan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have agreed on a new Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for 2010-2014, which will advance Tajikistan's drive to strengthen energy supplies and transport links, and to develop a vibrant private sector to help the economy diversify.
VideoEnergy, Transport, Private SectorTAJADB
Jun 2010New Afghanistan Rail Line Speeds Flow of Humanitarian Aid
ADB President Haruhiko Kuroda has inaugurated a 75-kilometer stretch of railway connecting the Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to the country's northern border, providing a vital humanitarian lifeline for the country.
May 2010Lifeline for Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, ADB is supporting the construction of a 75 km railway linking Hairatan, on the border with Uzbekistan, to Mazare-e-Sharif, Afghanistan's second largest city. The railway will provide a vital lifeline for Afghanistan.
Apr 2010Projects, People and Places - Uzbekistan Grows with Help from ADB
Four photo essays on Uzbekistan presenting ADB's contributions to small businesses, improvements in the rail system, upgrades to regional road networks, and modernized textbooks.
PhotoTransport, EconomyUZBADB
Apr 2010How Small Amounts Can Make Big Change - ADB
With easier access to loans, small businesses are changing the face of the Uzbek economy.
Apr 2010Modern Highways Rejuvenate Ancient Trade Links - ADB
Burgeoning regional road networks are creating jobs and helping commerce blossom in Central Asia.
VideoTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
Apr 2010New Silk Road on Track - ADB
Faster, more modern trains are revitalizing the ancient Silk Road.
Apr 2010Modern Highways Rejuvenate Ancient Trade Links
The new four-lane highway stretching across the Kazakh border will shorten transport time and generate better profits.
Apr 2010New Silk Road on Track
Uzbekistan's railroads have been modernized and rehabilitated by the assistance of ADB.
Apr 2010How Small Amounts Can Make Big Change
Small loans are expanding people's potential in Uzbekistan.
PhotoEconomy, Poverty ReductionADB
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